2016: not entirely awful?

The 2016 that we collectively experienced was a pretty dispiriting one. While I want to acknowledge that, I don’t want my review of the year to be a political commentary. I’ll admit that I’m not well informed enough to do that anyway. Instead, this is a reflection on what the year has meant for me personally. A fair amount of censoring was needed this time to produce something publishable. You know, just in case someone actually reads it. The result – a less juicy but still painfully long recount of my year, enjoy!

New Year’s morning (afternoon) started with a text asking when I would be arriving to move into my new house share. This set my pulse racing for a couple of reasons. First, I had no idea that I was expected yet and was completely unprepared. Second, because even after three years of it at University, moving in with complete strangers never stops being scary. Especially for a shy introvert who likes her space.

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A Gruesome Initiation

This week marks 6 months since I started at Squiders, and the end of my probationary period! I haven’t really documented my experience so I thought I’d take the opportunity to log a journal entry.

The first thing I’ll address is how I’ve adjusted to no longer having an active designing role. It wasn’t a decision I made lightly and a couple of people had me questioning what I was doing at the time. Thankfully, the past few months have only confirmed that I made the right choice – I’ve let go quite easily in fact. Still, I also know I wouldn’t be happy to  completely divorce myself from an inspiring working environment. Observing the design process and being passionate about what we’re working towards has kept me happy and motivated.


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While I was looking through a client’s case study the other week, I came across Kontor. It’s a network for workplace design, letting you browse real projects, the products used and interior designers that created them.


It got me considering how much of an impact our work environment has on us; in terms of productivity and innovation. Would a clean and pleasant environment suffice or do elaborate designs really stimulate further creativity. Are they over-stimulating? Are they not really for the workers at all but about brand image? It’s an interesting topic, and one I considered for my dissertation. Don’t fear, this blog post won’t be several thousand words long (or so throughly researched, I’m afraid).

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