2016: not entirely awful?

The 2016 that we collectively experienced was a pretty dispiriting one. While I want to acknowledge that, I don’t want my review of the year to be a political commentary. I’ll admit that I’m not well informed enough to do that anyway. Instead, this is a reflection on what the year has meant for me personally. A fair amount of censoring was needed this time to produce something publishable. You know, just in case someone actually reads it. The result – a less juicy but still painfully long recount of my year, enjoy!

New Year’s morning (afternoon) started with a text asking when I would be arriving to move into my new house share. This set my pulse racing for a couple of reasons. First, I had no idea that I was expected yet and was completely unprepared. Second, because even after three years of it at University, moving in with complete strangers never stops being scary. Especially for a shy introvert who likes her space.

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A Gruesome Initiation

This week marks 6 months since I started at Squiders, and the end of my probationary period! I haven’t really documented my experience so I thought I’d take the opportunity to log a journal entry.

The first thing I’ll address is how I’ve adjusted to no longer having an active designing role. It wasn’t a decision I made lightly and a couple of people had me questioning what I was doing at the time. Thankfully, the past few months have only confirmed that I made the right choice – I’ve let go quite easily in fact. Still, I also know I wouldn’t be happy to  completely divorce myself from an inspiring working environment. Observing the design process and being passionate about what we’re working towards has kept me happy and motivated.


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Graduations and Jubilations

A few days ago, I graduated from UCS with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design. I’d been sitting on my grade for a while, so the ceremony served mostly as an excuse to have a great time catching up with great people. As well as making everything feel a bit more official. Being the sentimental creature that I am, the weekend did get the reflective thoughts going.

bloggrad1Thanks to Georgina for the photos (:

I became a much stronger person at university. No, not just because I learned to take care of myself (ish). The fact I didn’t know anyone gave me a clean slate and the chance to put my best foot forward with everyone I met. Sure, it took me a little while to get into the swing of things and find my place. Social media presents an unrealistic idea of what the experience is ‘supposed’ to be like. This usually involves making life-long friends on day one and immediately having the time of your life at a superhero-themed student party. Real friendships take a bit more than five minutes, I may not have loved my first few days in halls but the best times came soon after.


By the time second year came around, amazing friends surrounded me, both on the course and off. People that inspired me and brought out all of my best qualities. The keepers. Learning more about something that truly excited me with dedicated tutors made the working day a real pleasure too ( on most days – we’ve all had a bad crit aha). I felt content. I even took the courage to do certain things for myself, regardless of what others would think. For a serial people-pleaser like me that’s quite a big thing. Before my time at UCS ended, I made sure to push myself forward for opportunities that might have previously terrified me. What can I say, I like to surprise people. Especially myself.

Of course, the whole experience was not rosy, life happens. As a result of the incredible experience, a lot of things have also been truly painful to part with. However, graduation reinforced how I will always be part of the UCS family. The University deserves the recognition it is gradually getting more of and I will continue to sing its praises.

I like the person that University has pushed me to become. As I continue on with my next chapter, I just hope that version of myself is the one I will journey forward with.