January Favourites

I’ve attempted and failed to get back into writing several times this month. I resolved to ease myself in with a cop-out monthly favourites list. They’re some of my favourite (pardon the pun) posts to read anyway. Here goes.

Book/Magazine – Oh Comely


A bi-monthly magazine that’s a delight to both look at and read. It’s a celebration of creativity in its many forms – music, art, writing, fashion, food. They often include full page illustrations/photographs that sit perfectly in an 8×10 frame if you’re looking to artsy up your room on the cheap. You’ll find it for £5 in most newsagents – only a little more than you’d pay to fill up on mental junk food/celebrity gossip.

Youtube channel – Annabelle (catcreature)

Annabelle is an Art student at RISD (Rhode Island School of Design).  She posts a range of videos, my favourites being her weekly vlogs. Following her move to Univeristy last year and watching her work on all of her creative briefs makes me feel rather nostalgic. There’s also something soothing about the time lapses that slowly bring her assignments to completion. Her ‘Moving Album’ videos, one of which I’ve linked above, are some of the most beautifully edited and a delight to watch.

Instagram – Mia Levin 

This month I discovered collage artist Mia Levin. She has been a little inactive lately but it’s still worth scrolling back in time through her feed. Lots of her collages are both wonderfully creative and feminine. Mia also designs and creates unique jewellery which often features in her artwork.

I love magic, nature, the perfection of imperfection, stones, rhythm, storytelling, the out of the blue, rituals, life, death, emotions, symbolism, dadaism, the surreal, the allowing spirit, the soul, appreciation, nostalgia.

// nothing //

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// Human being • Being human //

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// death is not for us // http://youtu.be/qQ-HXKAaeJQ

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Listening to – #Millennial podcast

11422877_10153354901387970_2099554216_oI’ve been listening to this podcast for a year or so now, on and off. With everything going on around the world I’ve found myself catching up again recently. As you might have deduced, the hosts are all young adults offering their commentary on current events and pop culture. I find it to be a healthy mix of fun and serious content – a good one to stick on while I’m working from home.

I am always begging for blog post ideas so if you have any don’t hesitate to leave a comment or get in touch on twitter. Similarly, if you’ve been creating something I might love this month – I want to know all about it. Inspire me, get me writing!


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