A day in Brighton

I spent last Saturday in one of my favourite haunts; Brighton. From Street Photography to Street Art, my first stop was Cassettelord’s Fast Forward exhibition.


Casettelord earned his name after rocking up head to toe in cassettes for an all-night fancy dress party in Brighton. Now, his colourful markings on the cityscape have quite a cult following across the UK. “Cassettelord is perhaps a secret ‘Time Lord’ – aiming to transport us all back to the visual world of our childhood. Where brightly coloured characters, objects and shapes collide with a super-hero comic book world”

Like tattoos on the city’s skin, you’ll find this type of work all over Brighton expressing residents’ eccentricity and creative talent.



Toastmodern Pussy

While his tools remained the same, exhibiting in such a way allowed him to introduce elements to the pieces he couldn’t on the street. For example, the fluorescent lights that are reminiscent of the neon signs you’d see in the same urban setting.



Next up, Choccywoccydoodah. I didn’t get any half decent photos as it was choc-a-block (I’m so funny) in the lanes. If you’re ever in Brighton (or London Carnaby St) definitely pay them a visit. You won’t believe what they make from only cake and chocolate. Give their tv show on Good Food a watch while you’re at it!



The last stop of the day before a seafront stroll was ‘Luminary’, an exhibition of light drawings by Ron Haselden…


Alan is not a drawer but he can paint


“Luminary stems from the artist’s love of drawings produced by an ‘untutored hand’ and sketches by young children and older people have provided both the inspiration and material for the final works”.

I really enjoyed how you were able to walk in and amongst the drawings. From every angle a different sketch came into focus, breaking away from what looked like a tangle of fluorescent lines when I first walked in. If you’re heading to the Brighton Festival in May a series of works will also be exhibited around the city then.






4 thoughts on “A day in Brighton

  1. Really cool snapshot of Brighton. I visited there last year, and got the same impression that art and counterculture is the city’s lifeblood. Also – !Choccywoccydoodah!, visited there on Carnaby St. last fall and fell in love with the chocolate ganache.

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