Double Take – Street Photography

This weekend I visited Adam Harrison’s Double Take exhibition in Maidstone. On show was a selection of his street photography which captured the extraordinary everyday.


I really liked the way the photos were exhibited. They were spread around the walls, undulating over the raised levels at the back of the room, always remaining in the viewer’s eye line. This made it feel like you were walking around the street and witnessing these moments in real time. The prints were also placed directly on the wall. It wouldn’t have made sense to have such raw and honest images framed and presented in a formal way.

My photographs of the work don’t do them justice, so please visit his website to see a collection of them in their full glory. After reading of course 😉



Harrison shared some words of advice for the exhibition viewer on ‘How to be a street photographer’:

“Load your camera. Take a light reading. Tune into what’s around you. Take the first step…Don’t stop walking. Don’t look back. Don’t wonder if or why – be instinctive, impulsive, in the instant – be ready for whatever the street may offer or suggest…For you and your camera, the sublime and the ridiculous are only ever 1/250th of a second away. Accept it with open arms. Open eyes. And open shutter…”


Walking back through the high street I definitely found my sense of observation heightened. From stropping tots to dogs in pink puffa jackets, there were plenty of scenes just waiting to be captured.


A lot of the photos had an element of humour. I particularly liked those that wittily used the graphics found in the street to introduce new meaning to the scenes.

12752162_10153988597788466_859484004_o copy12737062_10153988598328466_2143885892_oThe exhibition is open until the 27th at Below 65 Gallery in Maidstone. This was the first time I’d ventured along and I believe I might make a habit of it! Keep your eyes peeled for future posts…

12755127_10153988597018466_195866810_o (1)


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