Year of the Kat

Well, hello 2016. I hope we can get along famously.

I am currently functioning on only a few hours sleep, so apologies if my writing is not up to standard ‘zzz’.

It may be the most clichéd blog post in the book but I always like to take stock of the year. 2015 was a bumpy road. However, it had its highlights and saw me arrive at quite a few milestones…

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First, was the completion of my degree in June. The Degree Show marked this perfectly. I had a great night with that group of Design nerds I grew so close to. Having my family there to see me receive a commendation from TCM also made it rather special. A week or so later, the 2:1 I felt had escaped my grasp on more than one occasion was finally granted to me. I may or may not have happy-danced in my bed at 6am that morning. Graduation itself came further down the line in October. Read my blog post on this here – a favourite of mine this year.


An item was ticked off the bucket list this Autumn, when I saw David Gilmour kick off his new tour in Brighton. First and foremost a Floyd fan, the setlist was perfection for me. I got to hear all of the classics I could have hoped for, interspersed with a few tracks from the new album. Gilmour’s solo material has sometimes been a bit hit and miss with me but I’ve certainly been won over by this one. Amazing night.

Landing myself a job was of course a big moment this year. I made a post about the gruelling process at the time. I’m so pleased I made the tough decisions that led me into a role that suited me better. I’ve already learnt a great deal there and I’m excited to see what 2016 has me doing!

I’m not one for the ‘new year, new me’ spiel. But I do think the turning of the year can be a source of comfort, giving us the chance to put less pleasant moments to bed. 2015 was uncomfortable for me at times, I had a lot of loss and change to process. Still do. However, 2016 holds a lot of promise, which leads me on to what I have to look forward to this year.

Look to the future now, it’s only just begun

In about a week I move into a houseshare in Maidstone. Au Revoir Medway. This is something I knew I wanted to do for a while, income permitting. It’ll be great to meet some new people and hopefully gain some new friends. As well as get back some of the independence I lost when moving home. Having said that, I’m getting very nervous as move in day approaches…

In 2015 me and a few uni friends finally booked tickets to see Les Misérables this coming February. Anyone that knows me knows I love that musical, which I first saw exactly a decade ago now. So spending a day in London with good friends and seeing the spectacular show promises to be a rather good weekend.

I don’t have a great deal more planned for the coming year as of yet. But with a bit of luck I’ll make some more great memories with my wonderful friends, old and new!

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